A New Beginning

Over the last year I've given a great deal of thought about surviving as an artist in the age of social media and I've come to the conclusion that social media is not what it use to be. It's become anything but social and infested by scammers, selfie-whores, businesses, so called influencers, and friend/follow collectors. So with this I've greatly pulled back by deleting my facebook account last year and now fading away from my second Instagram account. Trying to live the art life on any of the social media platforms is a waste of time with too many detours into the politics of the day, advertisements, and "social media stars" who are given far too much attention. So with all of this I decided to concentrate on my website and this new blog which will be attached to my revamped site. I'm not interested in friend/follower numbers or going viral. All I'm interested in is taking photos, painting, discussing art and sharing these interests with other like minded people.



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