When I'm out on the street I'm as interested in things as much as people. So when urban life began to hyper-sterilize I began thinking of everyday objects that could disappear. I still miss walk in phone booths, the outside of porno stores, and neon signs. Who knew that these objects that were around for almost a century could easily vanish. After a few false starts my first real typology project came the day they announced the end of the analog tv broadcast. TV antennas which at one point were on just about every rooftop in America began to vanish like the phone booth. So with that I began the first 75 photo typology in 2008. When it was finished I moved on and didn't think much about doing another typology until last year when I put together another 75 photo typology of signs the homeless use to draw attention. Speaking to every single person's sign I photographed was a humbling experience for me but I wasn't the first time I've worked with the homeless when it comes to photography. This years typology is shoes on wires which is proving more difficult than I originally thought. I would eventually like to have ten different typology subjects.


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