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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Another Gear and Upgrade post

 Another photographer sent me this great quote from a camera review website forum.

  "Photographers use 10 seconds to proudly show their beaten up GR, rubber falling off, full of scratches etc. Then they use the rest of the day to show and enjoy the pictures it has taken. Maybe even go out together and shoot some more.
Gearheads use the whole day to whine about 0.5mm, study the rotation of symbols and shake their gadget to find more flaws. I bet, in the process, they forget what their gadget is supposed to do."

     The upgrade bug of the 21st century has gotten out of hand. When you find a camera that you love why do some feel the need to toss it aside for the latest model ? No one wants to hang on to anything anymore or learn how to really use it. I question these gear junkies as real photographers. Take Ricoh for example. If there was a good supply of used GRD1 8 megapixels cameras from 2006 around I wouldn't think of another camera for black and white. But since that model Ricoh has released six versions with the latest having three times the megapixels. I really believe that photography beyond the internet is in real trouble.

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