Book Publishing

  I spend a fair amount of time researching book publishers and opportunities to get my photos published. The goal of most artists is to get the public to view their work and there's usually four ways for that to happen, purchasing the art, exhibitions, books, and finally the worst option is the internet where everyone is famous for 15 seconds ( Sorry Mr Warhol, even you would be over the internet by now). Book publishing is by far the most expensive option with prices far exceeding $20,000 for a small black and white book. This is why finding a publishing house is a must. Yes profits are much smaller or non-existent but that's not why you want a book published in the first place. I have to be perfectly honest, I'm very disappointed that I haven't had a few books published by now. It's not an easy task and very frustrating. Several years ago I approached a local book publisher and that flat out told me that "books about Philadelphia don't sell". I thought to myself these people are fucking stupid ! How would you know a book about Philadelphia wouldn't sell if you've never published one ? Besides that useless encounter I've sent emails to at least a dozen other photography book publishers in which I was a granted a single response of " you don't find us, we find you". Hey, no one ever said they were nice people. While nothing would please me more than having books of my photography published I've grown very tired of the process.


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