Adjective. grantable (not comparable) Capable of being granted.

"The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage handed 
out $8.7 million to 45 Philadelphia artists and organizations in 2018. It awarded grants of $10.3 million in 2017."

 Over the last 15 years I've noticed the same artists receiving sizeable grants over and over again from the big names. Once you are awarded a PEW your chances of receiving a USA Gund, Guggenheim Fellow, Lewis Comfort Tiffany, etc, etc greatly increases and then you become even more grantable or as I say "super grantable". I thought the goal was to help artists, not just the same artists over and over again. There is something very disingenuous about this practice. I've spoken out about this practice and I'm sure I've been blackballed at this point. The granting trend which has moved more towards nominators than the application process also leaves a lot to be desired when you only seem to be nominating artists with an MFA or linked to a university or other cultural institution. The art of politics has nothing on the politics of art.



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