My father taught me photography on Kodachrome before moving on to Tri-X. He said if you could master exposure for Kodachrome the rest would be easy. My father knew all there was to Kodak film and during Summers in the late 70s taught those in the industry about the films. My father taught all I would ever need to know about photography and was my only instruction. Sadly almost all of his photography was either destroyed or lost after my parents divorce and his passing. I think about Kodachrome a lot. The physical aspect of it, the colors, the slide projectors, and of course the weeks it took to get developed and mailed back to us. Could you imagine the younger generations today having to wait a month or so to get a few dozen photos back? If Kodachrome was still available today I could see myself giving up digital cameras altogether. It's sad to think of all the people who never had a chance to use it, it truly was something special.


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