On the Street

 Yesterday was the first time I walked the streets looking for photos in over a year and even back then I was working on my subway portfolio. So I jumped on the train into center city and walked for a couple of hours. The cold and windy Spring day kept most people inside even though the sun was fully out. I carried two compact cameras, the tiny Fuji Xq2 which I haven't used for street photography before and the Leica D-Lux4 that I haven't used in about a decade. They both took a little time getting use to after using the very simple Ricoh GRD1 for more than a decade. It was a slow day out there with the only real aggravating sources being the sidewalk iZombies and Uber/ Lyft drivers who make real taxi drivers look like the most law abiding drivers on the road. But besides the annoyance of the digital dust generation the walk was productive. There are a couple of things I'm doing different this time with the first photographing in broad daylight which is something I don't do a lot of and taking those photos in the shorter 4:3 ratio instead of the longer 3:2 ratio. Right now I'm hoping to return to center city once or twice a week and bucking the social media trend I'm in no rush to show the photos. I might actually print them out and carry around a small portfolio album to show people in person.


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