The Matrix Has You...

 Last night I deleted all photos from what was my main Instagram account and uploaded a photo explaining that I will no longer be posting any photos from my portfolio there. The photo depicts a couple photos printed in a portfolio album. The prints are from a new body of work that will be continuing for the foreseeable future. I lost all interest in posting photos and waiting around to see if anyone interacts. Most of the time other people will just try to emulate the photos, or they get lost in a sea of shit and ads, influencers who don't influence, or "Instabimbos" who post soft porn images, so I see no real reason for Instagram to exist anymore. It's time to get back to what's real and lose the high school cliquishness of social media. I want to interact with real humans in person where you can have their undivided attention or can walk away when they can't stop looking at their phone. I want control back and I'll get it ! I'll gladly show my portfolio books to anyone in person.


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