When Great Ideas Fail

 A/Fixed printed on tabloid size newspaper was a fantastic idea that fell short due to lack of real support beyond the small group of photographers with a passion for this type of photography. At $10 it was a bargain and it's format original and non conforming. Will there be a second edition, who knows ? I believe it's failure was due to the lack of open mindedness of today's American photographers who can't see beyond the rules of photography, the rules of creativity, and the rules of publishing.


Inspired by Love for Japanese Photography and its History

The only borders that should exist in photography are frames; what they capture and what they say can be limitless. A/fixed, the creation of the Japanese Photography Project, intends to break language barriers by bringing the art and inspiration of Japanese photography to Western culture. Through both historic work and modern insight — and with both print and online publications — A/fixed aims to take photography beyond the Western frame.


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