Crappy Cameras

 The replacement for the Nikon S9600 just arrived. I'm only using this type of slow super zoom camera for street photography. I'm sick of these camera companies and fauxtographers spewing the need for ultra fast mega pixel peeping cameras with see in the dark iso capabilities. To be frank I don't care if every camera company went out of business, after all they helped destroy what was a great photography culture by putting cameras in the hands of so called influencers who photography capabilities were either hipster dufus or things postcards are made of. I know of several good photographers who have been passed over because of low social media numbers. But seriously, what kind of schmuck buys a camera because someone has 100,000 followers ? I even lost the interest of two camera companies when I pulled back from social media. Companies that supported me when no one cared about Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Gone, caput, won't answer emails only to support these wannabes. So back to this current camera. It's a Fuji f850exr from 2012 and I look forward to using it this weekend. In the end my advice to others is not to give in the manufactures and the peer pressure of needing the latest wonder camera that no one needs.


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