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Friday, May 31, 2019


  I've been shopping for a book publisher for my color "Welcome to Market East" portfolio and have become frustrated by a couple of things. One is the lack of publishers who accept submissions, so far I've found one (no fee). Second is the nerve of a Brooklyn publisher that charges $300 for submissions. That's right, I said $300 ! Usually if there's money to be made off a book it's the publisher that gets it with very little if anything filtering down to the artists themselves so the asinine idea of charging the artist $300 is a big fuck you. 
  Next up in my email I received a message to submit to a local institution's annual competition for the low rate of $45. It's bad enough that the judges for this competition usually choose horrible winners so why would I want to pay $45 to enter ? Summertime is usually a bad time for the art gallery world and institutions so they have pay to play exhibitions where nothing over $100 sells with the gallery receiving half of that money. Once a week I scour the internet looking for real opportunities but there doesn't seem to be any besides these scam events. In a couple of hours I can find enough of them to spend $1000 in entrance fees. The only way they will stop is if people would stop paying to enter them.


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