Welcome to Market East Revisited

 After my last post about wishing I had more time to work on "Welcome To Market East" before the gentrification began I went back and looked through all the original color photos before I converted to black and white. I NEVER keep original RAW files once I'm done with a project, it's just something I've always done but for some reason I held onto these photos. I still had 99% of them and while I did lose the original file of what I consider an important photo (police on horses), I did manage to find 10 photos that didn't convert well to black and white that look great in color. In the end I edited down to 107 photos that I'm considering as a submission for a book. Granted if published it might be edited down to 70-80 photos but I'm ok with that. I guess I had to wait five years before I could appreciate these photos in color, most likely because color seems to be lost today in favor of boring neutral non-colors. Will I replace my black and white photos for these color ones ? Right now I have to say no but seeing them in color was like seeing this area for the first time. My next step is to put them in some sort of cohesion order and find a publisher willing to publish a Philadelphia based photo book. Any ideas on a publisher would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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