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Sunday, May 12, 2019

What Would John Szarkowski Do ?

 I credit John Szarkowski for once solidifying photography as a legitimate art form. He was the director of photography of MoMA from 1962 to 1991 and his accomplishments were nothing short of incredible. To hell with the experts, the purists, the critics, he was going to show you what photography was, were it is, and it's future even if you weren't ready for it. John died in 2007 before the age of Facebook, Instagram and their virus like infection of the art world. What would he think of the importance put on social media "likes" by the masses who are clueless about photography and how those "likes"can dictate exhibitions, book publishing, and print sales ? I can't imagine he would be pleased but would he have been powerful enough to sway people's attention away from it ? To put it simply, COULD HE SAVE PHOTOGRAPHY ? Could he make it special again ? Could he restore its importance ? Ok, John is gone never to return so who will be the next John Szarkowski ?

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