What Would I Spend The Money On ?

Today's topic of conversation was: As photographers what would we do if we won a $75,000 fellowship.

Frankly I think I have a better shot being elected Mayor of Philadelphia than being awarded a $75,000 fellow from the PEW, and no, I'm not kidding. That being said I'll give a somewhat brief answer.
Two years ago my answer would be slightly different as the first thing we all said was to be able to pay our daily bills without worry; freeing us up to solely concentrate on our work.
Today, I would purchase an affordable used car and document Pennsylvania, as in disappearing Americana, old factories, stores, porn stores, gas stations... You get the idea.
The hyper change that's whitewashing seemingly everything. I call it the beige-ing of America.
I don't think I would need much in the way of gear, maybe a zoom lens.
At the end of the project, I would want to publish a book and host an exhibition. I have no idea what a project like this would even cost without seriously sitting down and calculating every little aspect of it like  gas, food, flat tires, etc. But here's to dreaming.


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