When In Doubt, Shoot.

  I haven't been downtown to photograph in a couple of weeks. In the beginning I was happy to be on the street again but things changed over the last 14 days. Bad timing, bad weather, travel expenses, and frankly a boring slow paced city. I plan on going there tomorrow and while there are several events going on I'll most likely avoid those areas. There will be enough weekend photographers out there already. My goal with all of this is to get enough good photos every year to fill three 48 page 8.5x11 portfolio book and I'm only a few photos away from completing the first book. My focus has spread to a 24 or 48 hour project, putting together another typology portfolio, and now that I'm finally comfortable with color I've been spending more time out in my new suburban neighborhood. Maybe it's my age that makes me feel like I need to do more or the regret of not taking photography more seriously when I was younger. When in doubt, shoot.


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