Fighting Back Begins Today !

Today I begin my quest to fight back!
The fight against the camera companies who through bullshit marketing and branding coerce the young, the naive, and those with G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) that they need 20 more megapixels than they did last year to mostly post on social media, that they can’t hold a camera steady at ISO 10,000 so they need 5 axis stabilization, and so on. The fight against the street fauxtographers that spend more time showing their latest gear than showing their photos. The fight against everything Instagram and for their destructive effect of photography being seriously taken as an art. Finally, the fight against the art world and it’s new safe academic stance on photography. This is my movement, manifesto.
Photos will be taken with A $19 Canon G2 from 2001. 4 megapixels

 400 max ISO


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