There seems to be more people as of late making the same complaints as I about the current state of photography. While it's nice to see other photographers waking up instead of employing the old mantra "If you can't beat them, join them," it's going to take more photographers, more collectors, more critics and more curators to voice their concerns.

The curators, as a whole, seem to have one of two methods when dealing with this. The first being; to ignore the problem and it will go away, eventually. The second is to play right into grasp by hosting exhibitions based on the hot social topic of the day, politically charged genres, etc, etc. The more controversial the better with hopes of "trending" which might translate into more ticket sales.

The art itself means very little anymore, it's the statement, the message, or whatever else they can dream up to put asses in the seats. If they're not careful their actions, which have already damaged photography, will also eliminate their own jobs; replaced by a PR person.

We have more being aware of the problem, so what's the next step? Do we write articles? Do we cancel our museum memberships until they get their act together? Do we delete our Instagram and Facebook accounts(yes you should!). How is credibility restored?

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