The Rush to Sameness

 I've spoken before how just about all of street photography has become a cliche. People seeing someone's photo on social media and then they try to take a similar photo to ride that train of "likes". The same seems to be happening with just about every other genre of photography too. Search the internet for an interesting building and there can be dozens if not hundreds of photos that all look the same of the same place, and I'm not talking about famous buildings either. So how do you stand out in this sea of shit that was formerly known as photography? How do you make a scene or building your own? Granted through out the history of photography there have copy cats.  Bresson's "Man Jumping Over Puddle" and Ansel Adams "Monolith, the Face of Half Dome" are perfect example of this. Now imagine if countless people copied every photo they've ever taken. Would they have still become icons of photography or would they have been lost in an endless pool of sameness?



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