Matt and the Evergreen Dairy Bar

 It's Sunday again and Matt and I are heading to another spot for breakfast. In the last three years we've been to over 30 different diners for breakfast in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City. Matt has a been a fixture in my photography for a long time now and we've been friends for over 38 years. Today we headed to the Evergreen Dairy Bar which has been part diner and part drive-in for 70 years now. Located on Route 70 in Medford, New Jersey it's the go to place for breakfast when heading down to Long Beach Island. It was great to see the place so busy even though we were there very early in the morning. Even being 50 years old I felt like a youngster compared to the crowd and I wonder what happens to places like this after they're gone. The parking lot had a fair amount of classic cars including a beautiful cherry red Chevelle SS 396. There's also a great abandoned gas station a few hundred feet away that even as a kid I remember being closed. I got some good snapshots today.



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