Blank Generation

 With in three days two great photographers passed away. Robert Frank who was 94 and Fred Herzog who was 88. I doubt there are many photographers or fans of that don't know who Robert Frank was but I have run into a surprising amount who didn't know his work beyond the Americans. Fred Herzog who wasn't really discovered until he was 75 put together a fantastic color portfolio dating back to 1953 but was still mostly unknown when compared to the icons. With recent passing of so many great photographers and those getting up there in years I'm wondering who if any middle aged photographers will be recognized by the art world or lionized by the press. Will the torch be passed or will photography from this point on be downgraded as something not as important.

William Klein - 91
Elliott Erwitt - 91
Bruce Davidson - 86
Lee Friedlander - 85
Daido Moriyama - 81
Joel Meyerowitz - 81
William Eggleston - 80


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