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Saturday, November 2, 2019

$$$$$ Flexibility $$$$$

 There has always been some flexibility when it comes to an artist pricing his work and you have to look no further than prices at the big auction houses. There is also a taboo attached to an artist selling their work for below their current pricing, that they're devaluing their art by doing so. That's complete BULLSHIT ! Go to any gallery and there's wiggle room in the prices listed. It doesn't matter if the price is $200 or $20,000,000 any gallery worth a damn will try to make the sale happen for both the sake of the gallery and the artist. But speaking of galleries rarely does an artist charge one who shows up to their studio the same as what their galley rep is selling for, after all the gallery is taking 50% or more from a sale. Yes of course there are artists who refuse to budge and take it as an insult if you ask but I doubt those artists sell much.


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