Documentary - Typology - Snapshot

     For the last few months I've been focusing on two projects, one named "Acme Shopper" is where I follow a person around as they shop for groceries at the local Acme supermarket. The photos all shot with flash can take on a typology feel with many of them featuring the subject head-on. The simple 4 megapixel camera from 2001 produces a harsh snapshot aesthetic which also helps isolate the subject and add a level of comfort to the photos.

    The second project takes place in the diners I visit on weekends for Sunday breakfast. Anyone who's followed my work for more than a couple of years knows that I have a great love for these disappearing gems from the American landscape. The photos much like the Acme ones are taken with the same old Canon G2 camera and a good amount of them feature the same individual a friend of mine for 38 years, Matt. Matt also has a love affair with the diner since it was a big part of where we grew up. The many photos of waitresses serving our food also gives this project a typology feel.

    Since street photography is dead to me these two projects I feel are an important transformation to more of a documentary photo essay photographer, something that I've been slowly transforming into since the "Final Days of Little Pete's", "Welcome to Market East" and my large typology series. For outputting these photos I've been printing 4x5 snapshots and 8.5x11 prints. To me these smaller size have more meaning and are far more personal than larger prints meant for decor only. I'm looking forward to continuing these projects until hopefully 2030 with maybe adding one or two more.


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