Somewhere In The Middle

 16 months ago I moved from my very spacious center city loft to a cozy townhouse in the suburbs. Well not exactly the suburbs as it's still with in Philadelphia's borders. So close to the border I could actually cross over it with in two minutes of walking out my door. Even though I'm technically still in the city my new neighborhood is anything but urban and it's also not your vision of a suburban town, it's somewhere in between. Every experienced photographer has a vision of what a city looks like, well at least when cities were actually CITIES, think pre-2000. They also have a vision of the suburbs but what happens when you fall somewhere in the middle, a place hard to define. This has an effect on your photography and your methodical order even though your m.o. is chaos. This is my daily struggle and I didn't expect it to take so long to get my groove back. I'm still not comfortable but I'm working on it.




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