Print Your Photos, Print Your Photos, Print Your Photos

  I can't stress enough the importance of printing your photos, specially in this digital wasteland era. Over the last few months I've changed the way that I've archived my portfolio and made it easier for myself and others to view. For years I've printed my photos up to 17x22" and stored them in archival portfolio boxes but when I began I was living in a 1700 square foot loft with a high ceiling and almost unlimited storage possibilities. Three years ago I was forced to downsize to a modest sized home and I just don't have the storage space for thousands of large prints in boxes. My solution to all of this is to make modest sized 8.5x11 prints and archive them in portfolio albums. Christ, remember when 8x10 was the norm for prints ??? This solution is working out very well so far with the albums being able to be stored in bookshelves, easily carried around unlike big portfolio boxes and the need for white gloves. In a short a short time I've already made 800 prints.


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