Until recently I was mostly against framing paintings. Hell, for more than 25 years I never finished the edges of the canvas leaving them with overlaps of paint with parts of the raw white canvas showing. To me the grittier the better and to leave the frames to the Impressionists and Surrealists. Today I've done a complete 180 on that way of thinking. In todays overly neat and tedious society boring straight lines of the bare canvas no longer appeals to me. Everything has become too minimal, too unoffending and too homogenized. This country and the art world needs to become decorated again, more bold, more ornate. "Modern" or the way it is perceived today has turned into a bad trend for those who have no understanding of its history or meaning. Words like avant-garde and eclectic by definition have changed into buzz words with no bite. Now excuse me, I have to frame a painting.


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