Will Work For Old Compact Flash Cards

 With a three week wait until my replacement computer arrives I find myself with a bit of a problem. Since I don’t have a way to download photos from my cameras they must remain on the cameras memory cards. With the Fuji XT4 this isn’t a problem because it holds two high capacity SD cards and I should be ok with the 2400 photos they’ll hold. The real issue is my Canon G2 that uses low capacity compact flashcards. I’ve found that the camera works best with 1 gb cards and lower but you can’t find these cards in stores anymore. Yes you can order them online but your choices are either used in which case shipping seems to be 10 to 14 days or you can order from Amazon and pay a ridiculous amount for two day shipping. The Amazon option will never happen because Amazon has been stealing from me as well as other artists for years. I did manage to find two old 128mb cards buried in my wife’s desk and they should each hold around 50 photos. In the end I need to find one or two more cards that have a 512mb to 1gb capacity.


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