Spending time this week planning out a few more books which will be published over the next 6 months. With so many art and photography publishers unwilling to take a chance on anything else but the famously dead, the close to dead or the triggering social dilemma of the moment there is very little opportunity to get a book published unless you want to pay out of pocket. The cost of such publishing can easy reach $25,000 and leaves you with trying to sell the copies yourself. Oh, I forgot New York City. If you have a reasonably good idea for a book on NYC you'll get it published just because it's New York City. Most of us are left with using such services as Blurb which is very expensive per book, horrible at black and white, and has next to no distribution. Another option is Create Space which has some affordable softcover publishing options but don't expect printing as good as the top 5 or 6 photo book publishers. The one thing Create Space does have going for it is your books will be distributed through just about every bookstore there is from Amazon (PUKE !!!) to the small independent corner bookstore.


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