Mud and Flies

  " A man who makes pictures like the ones we were looking at is an unhappy creature, tormented day and night. He relieves himself of his passion in his pictures, but also in spite of himself on the people around him. That is what normal people never understand. They want to enjoy the artists' products -- as one might enjoy cows' milk -- but they can't put up with the inconvenience, the mud and the flies. "

                                                                                                     Henri Matisse



  1. Sorry to bother you again. Are you using the flash on the GRD for these subway shots? It looks like it, but I wanted to ask how people respond (or if they even do respond, given how exhausted everyone is).

    1. No bother what so ever. I never used a flash in the subway, it’s a sure way to get into a fight, stabbed or shot in Philadelphia. Out of the above photos flash was used only on the street photo with graffiti on the fence.


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