Tuesday Morning Subway Nobody and Melrose Diner Breakfast

  I got up early on this freezing Tuesday morning and took the train to South Philly for breakfast at the Melrose Diner and then to ride the subway for a while. There's always conversation to be had at the counter but it seems that it's the 50 and over crowd that wishes to engage with fellow human beings. After a good pancake breakfast and several photos I jumped back on the subway in search of photos. Station renovations continue - horribly, and I expect it to only get worse if they can actually find people interested in manual labor for the infrastructure bill that just passed. I expected this project to slow up once over 100 photos were taken but I might be able to add 10 to 20 more photos alone if SEPTA decided to remove the fencing installed in the subway concourses during the beginning of the pandemic to keep the homeless out.


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