The Quiet Imperfect Life

 It's Christmas Day and I just finished my second in a new series of paintings. For now at least I want to limit the canvas size to 14x18" because I find those dimensions perfect for these paintings and that art has gotten too big for no other purpose than the ability to charge more money and transform it into decor. A couple days ago I went to my local art supply store to pick up a couple of canvases so I would be sure to have enough through the holiday season. As typical of late the store was out of my canvas and several other supplies I was looking for but I was able to find the canvas size I wanted by another brand. After I finished the painting today I was ready to immediately begin the next painting but after I unwrapped the canvases I found every one to have defects and of poor quality. I keep finding myself having to take a 30 minute train ride into center city to find the art supplies I need which is something I didn't think I would have to do with such a large store about a half mile from me.

"The Quiet Imperfect Life"
Acrylic paint on 14x18" canvas


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