Bring The Noise

  I've been very slowly working on a new project. While it varies in subject matter, some of which I would have not considered photographing before. Here I'm trying to think more like an artist who isn't a photographer while also testing the limits of the camera. From looking at the photos you can see the large amount of digital noise and artifacts that's done on purpose. I've maxed out the contrast and ISO of this small sensor camera to 12,800 while using only b&w jpegs. One of the reasons I've chosen to do this is a statement against fake film grain being added to digital photos because it's considered more pleasing than digital noise or as a sense of nostalgia. Why is digital noise frowned upon?  Can it stand on it's own except when it mimics film grain?

  These are the only three photos I'll be posting from this project for awhile. Not everything needs to be seen right away in this age of the hyper-internet. Also for the first time in awhile I'm considering print editions of 20 or less.


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