Staying Put In This Untitled Life

  I’ve never been a vacation person. Matter of fact, I haven’t been on one in 20 years. I’m not interested in impressing people on social media with vacation photos of some fabulous far off trendy vacation place while pretending that my life is oh so great and doing all the things that I hate that tourists do when they visit Philadelphia. I don’t have an impending sense of doom if I can’t escape my surroundings and I don’t have a mental checklist that assures me that I’m doing everything right in life if I can go to some place other than my current location a couple of times a year.

  For 15 years I was a bartender in some of Philadelphia’s busiest hotspots, some where crowds reached into the thousands until 6am. So I’ve had my fill of large groups of people to last a lifetime. All I require is a mental nap every once in a while that can be filled by just lying on my deck and gazing up at the sky.


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