Wayne was a cook at Little Pete's diner for over 14 years. He was an extremely hard worker who sometimes volunteered to work 16 or more hours a day. Breakfasts were always too busy but some nights when I would stop in for dinner he would join me. We could talk about almost anything, from the 1980s Phillies team, to which taxi driver could eat the fastest. In the year before Little Pete's was to be demolished for a hotel Wayne was diagnosed with Kidney cancer. After surgery a very limited time off Wayne returned to work and worked just as hard as ever. A few years later his cancer returned and shortly after Wayne was gone. I have to admit, I was shocked. Wayne was the type of person who seemed strong enough to beat anything. He was a regular guy and he was also authentic. Two things that are greatly missing in the todays world. 
   I think about Wayne often, especially when I'm in a diner eating by myself and I think about the hundreds of conversations we had. I miss you Wayne and I hope to see you in the next life.

Print of Wayne in the kitchen of Little Pete's in 2014


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