Press Photos

 I always like the thought of collecting press photos. The idea of having the only known physical copy of a print is an exciting one. Yes some photos were printed a few times, especially if the print itself was made by the photographer who took it but most news agencies made only a single print, used it for publication and then shoved it into a filing cabinet. You do have to keep an open mind when collecting this type of photo because you're not going to get a pristine print and they will most likely have damage such as creasing, stains, small tears, or discoloration. To me this only ads to the charm. The back of the print usually has the subject, news agency, a short story, and sometimes the photographers name. The cost on average can run between $10 and $30 a print depending on size and condition but there are those rare occasions when a photo of a famous person or scene will run into the hundreds or close to a thousand if it was made by a photographer such as Weegee. I paid $10 for this original 8"x12" silver gelatin print.


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